Proofreading and correction of texts

We can provide proofreading and correction of each original or translated text. This is essential above all for texts designated for presentation or for the wider public.

Our translation agency offers you three types of proofreading and correction

Types of correction

Language correction of texts

Language corrections of texts are the most frequently sought corrections. You can order both an independent language correction of any original text as well as a correction of a translation provided by our agency or from outside. Language corrections of texts are supplied by experienced proofreaders who are native speakers of the language in question. In their work they focus primarily on checking grammar, terminology, style and on rectifying small mistakes or typing errors in the text.

Proofreading for accuracy of translation

During proofreading for the accuracy of a translation our translators, who are experienced in the given field, check the accuracy of an outside translation. Here it is necessary to supply the original text together with the translation for which you require proofreading. This proofreading focuses primarily on finding and correcting errors of meaning and grammatical errors.

Pre-printing proofreading of texts

Pre-printing proofreading of texts is performed after the setting of the text into the final format. The main purpose of this proofreading is to check that the final text is complete and without typing errors. Pre-printing proofreading of texts is performed by language proofreaders or translators with perfect knowledge of the given language.

Languages and subject fields

We work with experienced language correctors from all over the world in almost all foreign languages, so we can offer you experts in various fields. Each of these experts provides corrections in the given specalist field.

Advantages of language corrections

More than one third of our customers order translations of their presentation materials, including language corrections. The text has naturally been translated correctly by a translator, but if it is also subsequently proofread the style of the text is improved.



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