All our interpreters have over 10 years' experience of the given type of interpreting and are selected for your order not only on the basis of their language combination but also according to the field of expertise in which they have the most experience. For each interpreting session we guarantee the accuracy of interpreting the meaning of the spoken text. Our interpreters prepare thoroughly for all types of interpreting, so please supply us with your available source materials at least 2 days before the start of the interpreting session. If you do not have any such materials, please at least send us a reference to the website of the company whose issue is the subject of the interpreting.

Types of interpreting

- consecutive regular
- consecutive conference
- consecutive with court clause
- simultaneous cabin
- simultaneous whispering

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting the speaker delivers a number of sentences, which the interpreter then translates after a brief pause. Consecutive interpreting takes longer than simultaneous interpreting, but is cheaper and usually requires only one interpreter.

a) regular

Regular consecutive interpreting takes place in meeting rooms or external locations. This covers for example business meetings or working discussions with a smaller number of attendees.

b) conference

Conference consecutive interpreting takes place in a conference hall, usually using a microphone. This covers for example lectures, various presentation events, exhibitions at trade fairs or training sessions with a larger number of attendees.

c) with court clause

Court consecutive interpreting is performed by an interpreter with a court clause. This covers for example interpreting of general meetings, notary's records, weddings, final examinations in driving schools or other events attended by foreigners.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting the speaker speaks without breaks, which shortens the time of interpreting. The interpreter translates the spoken text and simultaenously listens to the text being spoken. During simultaneous interpreting the interpreters sit in a cabin (cabin interpreting for a larger number of listeners) or next to the person for whom they are interpreting (whispering interpreting for a single listener). This interpreting is more demanding on the concentration of the interpreter and thus also more expensive than consecutive interpreting, and always requires 2 interpreters who alternate at approximately 20 minute intervals.

a) cabin

Cabin simultaneous interpreting is suitable for example for conferences, congresses, lectures where interpreting is performed for a number of listeners. The interpreted speech is transmitted to the attendees by a receiver and headphones. Two interpreters are required for this type of interpreting, who alternate in the cabin at intervals of approximately 20 minutes. In addition to interpreters we also provide a cabin, headphones and other interpreting technology, including a loudspeaker system if required.

b) whispering

Whispering interpreting is simultaneous interpreting for individual listeners. The listener sits in on the lecture in the foreign language and the interpreter, seated next to the listener, quietly interprets the course of the lecture.

Other services

• express provision of interpreter
• provision of interpreter in location abroad
• provision of interpreting technology



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